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Bio Saftey Cabinet Class II

Bio Safety Cabinet Class II:

BIO SAFE BIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINET CLass II re-circulates 70% of air through HEPA filter &. 30% Exhaust.

Biosafety Cabinet is used to protect personal, product and the environment from exposure to biohazards, and cross contamination dunngroutine procedures.

Used for vanious applications in the life scincee, clinical, pharmaceuticals and industrial laboratory.

These Cabinets are designed to provide 3 basic types of protection

Personnel protection from harmful agents. insldeĀ­ the cabinet.

Product protecton to avoid contamination of ttne work, experiment or process.

Environment Protection.


  • Low Cost & User Friendly Economic Design
  • Work area surrounded by negative pressure, double wall plenums for protection. Aerodynamic desgined airflow grille maintains safety by preventing blockage.
  • Free Blower ensure noiseless operation.
  • Sound level no more than 65 dba
  • 70% of the air ts re-circulated through the HEPA fliter .& 30% of the ar is exhausted from work area.
  • Altered Exhaust - protects ambient environment,and avoids build up air borne particles.
  • The exhaust of Safety cabinet is connected to the Virus Burn out unit for product and personnel protection.
  • The effldency of HEPA Filter is greater than 99.97% down to 0.3 micron
  • Basic material is thick board wood front back top and exterior surfaces ar covered with Formica. OR Cold rolled steel duly powder coat ed OR Stainless Steel(SS-304) (as ordered).
  • Working table is made of Stainless Steel Sheet (SS-3.04 grade).
  • Window opens to 20cm+5mm working height with predefined locking device.

Technical Information and Ordering Information

Model No. HLF-1 HLF-2 HLF-3 HLF-4
Working Table Size 2' x 2' 3' x 2' 4' x 2' 6' x 2'
Working Size 2' x 2' x 2' 3' x 2' x 2' 4' x 2' x 2' 6' x 2' x 2'
HEPA Filter Size 2' x 2' x 6' 3' x 2' x 6' 4' x 2' x 6' 3' x 2' x 6'
No. of Motor /Blower 1 1 1 1
No. of Motor /Blower 1 x 20watt 1 x 20watt 2 x 40watt 2 x 40watt
Cabinet Material Wooden or cold Rolled Steel Powder Coated
or Stainless steel(ss-304)
Work table Stainless steel(ss-304)
View Window In Work chamber to monitor the sample
Main Filter HEPA Filter
Pre Filter High Efficiency
Sterilization By U.V. Germicidal Tube in work area
Front Door Made of Plexi Glass 6mm
Noise Level Less than 65 db
Standard Acessory Gas/Air cock
Electric Supply AC 230V,50/60Hz