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Blood Collection Tubes

Blood Collection Tubes:

Infant Feeding Tube

For feeding infant & neonates, super smooth, coned tip having two lateral eyes at distal end, colour coded female luer mount.

Male External Catheter

Designed to connect to Urine Collection Bags without internal catheterization.

Ryle Tube

For patient under going long-term gastrointestinal feeding, aspiration & intestinal secretion. Smooth coned distal end with corrosion resistant stainless steel balls to assist the passage of tube during intubation with radio opaque x-ray detectable line.

Suction Catheter

Designed for tracheal/broncheal suction, smooth implantational tested P.V.C. having open distal end with one lateral eye, with radio opaque X-ray detectable line. Catalog No. Particulars

Uretheral Catheter

Catalog No. Particulars Urethral Catheter, size: S-90 & S-91 (With Paper Pouch Packing)
Urethral Catheter, size: 6 FG to 20 FG (With Paper Pouch Packing)