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Electro Chemistry Instruments

Electro Chemistry Instruments:

1. Digital Colony Counter:

Power 230V - 10% AC, 50 Hz, 40W
Weight 3 kgs. (approx.)
Dish Size 110mm
Accessories Marking Pen (1 No.), Magnifier Lens (1 No.)
Packaging 23 cm x 28 cm x 20 cm
Dimensions L 274 x B 320 x H 167 mm (approx.)
Digital Display 4 digit, 999 Max. Count(Model :LT-37)

2. Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Range D.O. 0 to 20.0 ppm
Resolution D.O. 0.1 ppm
Accuracy D.O. 0.1 ppm + 1 count
Temp. Compensation 0degree C to 50degreeC Manual
Compensation D.O. + 3%
D.O. Sensor type D.O. Amperometric Gold/Silver membrane
Display 3 1/2 digit LED display
Power 230V A.C. 50 Hz
Weight 2kg

3. Digital PH Meter-Basic:

Display 3 1/2 digit LED
Resolution pH 0.01 0.01 0.01 mV 1 1 -
Accuracy pH 0.01 0.01 0.01 mV 1 1
Temperature Auto 0 to 100 degree C
Battery Dimensions 275 x 175 X 76 275 x 175 X 76 165 X85 x 28 mm
Buffer Tablets 4pH & 7pH

4. Digital TDS Meter-Basic:

Table Model Display size 31/2
Accuracy +/-2%
Dimensions 275 X 175 X 76 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Grade Automatic
Product type TDS Meter

5. Microprocessor based-ph-temperature-mv-meter (Graphical):

A research grade instrument with 16 X 2 alpha numeric LCD display having auto temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition along with accessories. Its features include 3 point calibration. Data Storage facility upto 1000 samples, complete with pH electrode, temperature probe, electrode stand, dust cover & Instruction Manual, computer interface with USB.

Type Digital
Type of PH Meter Table-Top
pH Range 0-14
Display 16 x 2 alpha numeric LCD display
Range 0 to 14 pH 0 to + 1999.9 mV, Temp. 0 to 100oC
Resolution .01 pH 0.1 mV Temp. 0.1 Deg. C
Accuracy + 0.01 pH + 1 digit mV, Temp + 0.10
Calibration Auto / Manual
Storage Upto 100 samples
Power 230V + 50Hz

6. Microprocessor Ph-meter touch screen with tft lcd:

The instrument can recognize 13 type of pH Buffer automatically option of USA, NIST & CH series, auto calibration & USB data storage, clock display, self diagnosis information, pH Range -2.000 to 20.000 , computer interface through USB (Table Model).

Display Type 16 x 2 alpha numeric LCD display, 3 Digit LED display
Type Table-Top, Hand-Held
pH Range 2.000 to 20.000
Automatic Grade Automatically
Touch Screen Industry Level 4 wire resistance

7. Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter:

Our varieties of Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters have been showered with special praise on account of their accuracy and durability. Our superior engineers, designers and hard working workforce have manufactured top class meters which are known for their durability and longer lives.

Display Digital
Display Mild steel
Product Type Oxygen Meters
Grade Automatically
Voltage 230V

8. Portable PH Meter:

Portable Digital PH Meter are on top of people’s priority due to their fantastic quality and high durability. They are fabricated with the help of perfect raw materials and international standard technology. Features consist of: High stability and accuracy 3 ½ Digit LCD display Various available designs Properly tested.

Display Size 3 1/2
Display LCD
Range PH 0 to 14.00 MV
Resolution PH 0.01 MV
Power 1 x 9 V
Accuracy PH 0.01 MV

9. Portable TDS Meter:

Portable TDS Meter and their accuracy and durability have come in for special praise. Top class engineers and efficient workforce, being our advantage; we use fantastic and high quality materials for manufacturing international standard engineered meters. Top prices and designs add to our credibility. They have the following features: Rugged, reliable and easy to operate Highly stable and accurate Cell constant adjustable with indication display 3 ½ Digit LCD display.

Display LCD
Display style Digital
Material Mild Steel
Weight 2kg Approx
Display Size 3 1/2mm
Accuracy +/-1%