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Copper Voltameter

Consists of 3 copper plates with insulated cover and glass jar.
Consists of a plastic container with an insulated bake lite top lid having 3 rectangular copper electrodes mounted underneath.

Eddy Current Unit

Two masses drop down a 33cm copper tube. One is steel, one is a neodymium magnet. When students see the magnetic mass falls more slowly than the steel mass, you can introduce them to electrical eddy currents. These currents oppose downward motion through a moving magnetic field created by the falling neodymium magnet. Includes test D1305 masses plus

Electromagnet U form

Comprising iron U-shaped core of circular section, with armature and carrying hook. Wounded with insulated copper wire and provided with connectors, for use on 4-6 volts D.C.

Force on Conductor in Magnetic Field Apparatus

Comprising a strong U-shaped magnet and a pair of brass rails with 4 mm socket terminals. A brass axle with plastic discs is free to roll along the rails and completes the electrical contact between them. When the axle is placed on the rails between the poles of the magnet and power supply unit is connected, the axle is repelled and rolls along the rails away from the center of magnetic field. Dimensions 175 x 60 x 58 mm

Helmholtz Coils

A pair of precision coils and 400 turns of wire are wound on former of about 150 mm diameter. The coil is comprised of a support rod, which fits on the holders of the track system supplied, which enables them to be aligned on a common axis for measurements and study of the magnetic fields. Normally used in pairs, each coil has 4 mm terminals and their distance apart is adjusted over the track supplied. The maximum current in the coil is 1A to avoid overheating. Direction of current is marked on each coil.

Induced Current Apparatus

Consisting of primary coil of insulated copper wire wound upon cylinder with terminals, secondary coil wound upon cylinder into which primary fits. A soft iron core fits the cylinder of the primary. Complete with terminals.

Rotating Magnet for Electromagnetic Induction

For demonstrating the electromagnetic induction and the effect of speed of rotation of magnet, the distance between the coil & the axis of rotation of magnet. Supplied with 600 turns coil and Alnico magnet. The magnet is rotated manually. Fitted on ABS plastic moulded base.