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Environmental chamber

Environmental chamber :

Triple walled Microprocessor controlled, solid-state Plant Growth / Environmental chamber used to study and contemplate the effects of different environmental parameters such as humidity temperature and light in various applications tests involving micro-organisms, plants, in tissue culture applications,enzyme reac­ tion studies,growtn observation studies, and fermentation analysis.

Also Used for forestry research works propagation of seeds,and incubation that requires a controlled environment (hoU­ cold cycles and light dark operations). It provides the necessary light, enclosed humid atmosphere and warmth for successful plant growth suitable for investigation in the effect of day light on flowering cycle,growth rate etc.& have a variety of usage in R&D laboratories and research studies


  • It offers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in the control of temperature, humidity and lighting. energy efficient lighting systems,culminating in plant growth.
  • Programmable to enable true dawn/dusk simulation - reduces light shock
  • Reduce heating effects on plant materials.
  • Enable easy cleaning and servicing.
  • Ensure constant light output by maintaining lamps at their maximum operating temperature.
  • Exterior illumination with the help of fluorescent lamps/tubes accounts for artificial daylight conditions.
  • Energy efficient - high frequency fluorescent lighting uses up to 25% less energy than ordinary fluorescent lamps.
  • Light regulation allows user to select exactly the desired lighting level between approximately 10 to 100%, output

Technical Data

Model Number PGC 1 PGC 2 PGC 3 PGC 4 PGC 5
Usable Space in mm 610*450*410 845*500*400 870*570*560 900*650*570 900*650*570
Capacity 4 Cu ft. 6 Cu ft. 10 Cu ft. 12 Cu ft. 15 Cu ft.
Approx Volume 150 227 340
No. Of Selves 2 2 2 2 2
Temperature Range 5°C above ambient to 60°C (Resolution 0.1°C)
Temperature Controller By Microprocessor Based PIO Digital Temperature indicator cum controller
Temperature Accuracy ± 1°C
Humidity Range 5% above ambient from 40% to 95% RH at cool temperatures.
Humidity Accuracy .±. 5 to 5%RH
Display LED Display for Set Value(SV) and Process Value (PV)
Relay Solid state electronic relay with protective heat sink.
Air Circulation By forced convection system
Ilumination Exterior illumination with fluorescent tubes/lamps
Insulation By High density PUF insulation
Operations Nearly silent operation with ltra-low vibration
Voltage Indicator By Volt Meter fitted on Panel
High Voltage Protection Through automatic voltage stabilizer (Optional)
Electric Supply 220/230V AC,50/60Hz