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Math Lab Kits

Math Lab Kits:

Circle Kit

Circle kit is provided with set of three circular disk (dia 15cm, 10cm & 5cm each). This kit help to understand the relationship between the radius, diameter and their circumference. By this kit, Student can role he circular disk of any surface & can measure the lengths of the circumference.


This manipulative is to measure angle of elevation or depression of any objected. This model con be used to find height and distance of a building etc. Provided in durable box.

Integer Counter Kit

Every elementary classroom needs a set of math counters. Double-sided math counters are very useful. These Two color counter pasted together for modeling math concept, including addition and subtraction of integer numbers. Measure dia 18mm Set of 100pcs

Jumbo Geometry Box Kit

This Transparent, magnetic set consists with 1 meter foldable scale,50 cm compass ,40 cm sets square and 40 cm protecter.duly packed in durable cardbox

Junior Pythagoras Theorem Kit

To verify that in a right triangle square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of other two sides. Provided with one plastic right angle triangle with measure 3" x 4" and set of 3 side square equal to the sides of triangle duly printed grid of each square inchs.

Mathematics Experiments Kits

Geo Board, Measuring Tape, Pattern Of Fractions, Palm Clock , Fraction Wheel , Geometric Kit With Protector , Tangram , 3d Paper Net , Abacus , Counter

Maths Kit-Junior

Solid Figure Set,
Geometrical Instrument Box
Measuring Tap
Jug & Beaker Set
Wall thermometer
Wall thermometer
Chemical thermometer
Kitchen Balance Geoboard
Fiber Dummy Clock
Skip counting Board
Designer Fraction Patter of Triangle
Patteren of triangle
Game OF Place Value
Magnetic Fraction Disk
Transparencies Set of 10
Chart of arithmetic
PVC chart (set Of 3)
Half Meter Scale
Plastic Moulds
Set of cup
Junior Pythagoras theorem
Geometrical Stencils
Set of Pearl Marbles

Mensuration Kit

To understand the area, perimeter, and other physical property of two dimensional figures. This kit is provided with magnetic display model of different two dimension figures duly printed. Its easy to demonstrate onmagnetic board for concrete understanding. Unit cubes is also provided with this kit to make cubic identity models and pack of activity cards with teacher mannual.

Ring of theorems

Ring of theorem is use to understand the properties of circle, Properties of opposite angles of cyclic quadrilateral, Angle in a semicircle is a right angle, Angle in the same segment of a circle are equal. This manipulative is provided with rubber bands & reusable storage box.

Senior Pythagoras Theorem Kit

Pythagoras theorem (senior) provided in Acrylic consist with 4 right angle triangle and 1 big square. The overall size 16" x 16" in measure having strong magnet at back on magnetic board for demonstration. Measure 16x16 inches.

Teacher Geometry Box Kit

A Teacher geometry set gives teacher the ability to draw angles, circles of various sizes and also to measure the length of lines and size of rectangles and squares on black board or white board. Without much variation, the set contain a D-shaped protractor, adjustable compass, divider, ruler, 45-degree triangle and 60-degree triangle and duster. all items are made from plastic. Duly packed in plastic case

Trignometry Board Kit

Trigonometry board is designed with the focus to enhance geometric visualization competence in the learning of Trigonometric concepts and results related to circle and resolution of problems related to it. It promotes learning of these mathematical concepts with inductive as well as deductive reasoning. This board is provided with geo sticks, connedors, pins, rubber bonds and other accessories to prove trigonometric equations