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3D Solid Geomtric Set

Large Geometric Shapes add a tactile element to geometry lessons.
Each shape has a 5 cm dimension set of 17 shapes, allowing you to illustrate relationships between area, volume, shape, form and size.
Transparent plastic shapes include: cone, sphere, hemisphere, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, hexagonal prism, triangular prism and square pyramid and many more Teaching Notes included.
Teaching geometry area and measuring facts is easy with activities using 3D geometric shapes.
Introduce students to solid geometry and investigate shapes, faces, vertices, edges, curves, and angles with this 17-piece set of plastic Shapes.

Abacus-3 wire

A simple device for counting and among the first calculating devices ever used. Consists of a wooden frame with 3-U shaped steel wires

Abacus-5 wire

A simple device for counting and among the first calculating devices ever used. Consists of a wooden frame with 5-U shaped steel wires

Abacus-6 wire

A simple device for counting and among the first calculating devices ever used. Consists of a wooden frame with 6-U shaped steel wires

Angle Sum of Property of Triangle

To teach sum of 3 angle of triangle is 180. This manipulative provided with cutout of angles from triangle. Provided with magnet at back to demonstrate on magnetic board. Measure: 21.5 x 21.5cm

Angle Sum Property of Quadiletral

To teach sum of 4 angle of quadrilateral is 360. This manipulative provided with cutout of angles from Quadrilateral. Provided with magnet at back to demonstrate on magnetic board. Diameter 21cm

Circular Geo Board

It has certain number of equally spaced Peg and arranged on two different circumference of a circle and one peg at the center. Measure 20 cm X 20 cm. Number of pegs 25

Conical Section

Set consist with 4 section Model of cone
• 1. Circle
• 2. Hyperbola
• 3. Eclipse
• 4. Perabola

Co-ordinate Geo Board

This pegboard has a sliding X and Y axis with blue colors of pegs that makes coordinate graphing fun and easy to understand. The pegs can be used to graph points in one or all four quadrants, and show geometric translations, rotations, reflections, data in bar or line graphs, and much more

Cross Vertical Staff

To align three offset objects in a straight line.

Dice-Large Wooden

Large size, wooden to learn probability

Formation of Tetrahedron Model

To understand Formation of Tetrahedron with the help of section of plastic cube. This section model of cube demonstrates the construction of tetrahedron through midpoint of their sides. Measure 12X12 cm

Geo Board-Double Sided

Double Sided Geoboard that we offer is brightly coloured and appreciated for its sturdiness. Double Sided Geoboard is featured with certain number of pins, which allows easy formation of triangle, hexagon, etc. Our Double Sided Geoboard measures 12 inch square with metal pins and rubber bands. One side has circular pins array and other side has square pins array. Double Sided Geoboard is available in different colors, sizes, shapes and dimensions in order to meet the requirements of the clients.

Geometry 2D shapes set

Two-dimensional shapes are a vital math topic for students. Use fun and exciting hands-on activities addressing shape names and properties that will motivate students. This allow students to be creative in their learning, developing their confidence in math and their enthusiasm for the subject. Measure: 23x15cm

Geometry Sticks

Geometry Sticks is easily snap together to motivate students to explore plane geometry on their desktop or the overhead projector. Students will discover what happens as they use the same length legs verses different length legs to build various polygons, as they attach additional legs they study polygon heights, calculate their areas, find center points and much more!. This set consists of 6 different length interlinking sticks. Total 24 Sticks.

Hollow Cylinder Model

This transparent manipulative helps understand complex calculation of surface area, volume & mass of hollow cylinder (pipe).Measure Ht.14cm X 10xm (OD) & 5cm (ID), duly packed in reusable box.

Hollow Sphere Model

Hollow Sphere Is to demonstrate mass and volume of hollow sphere. This transparent manipulative has an additional section of an inbuilt inner sphere, measurement 7.5 cm in diameter inside the transparent outer body. Measure outer sphere 12.5 cm & inner sphere 3"

Interlinking Cubes

Easy to connect on all sides, these interlocking 2 CM cubes come in 5 bright colors. Set of 625 pcs.

Polyhydron Model Set

Introduce students to solid geometry and investigate their shapes, faces, vertices, edges, curves, and angles with this 12-piece set of plastic 3D shapes and their Net. Teaching geometry and measuring facts is easy by understand by 3D geometric shapes with their net. One set of 12 solid figure and 3D nets

Ratio of Area of Similar Triangles

To verify the result that ratio of the areas os two similar triangles is equal to the ration of the squares of there corresponding sides.


This set of 10 plane geometrical figure comes in thick rubber foam, vibrant in color flexible and washable. This material is universally excepted for children under age of fifteen. These stencils help to draw various geometrical figures on board. Put a geometrical stencil on metallic board so that magnets of stencil fix it on the board


Tangrams are a set of seven different shapes. Among these seven shapes, are five triangles, a square and a parallelogram. Among the triangles, there are two large triangles, one medium triangle and two small triangles. Each of the triangles is a right triangle.

Time Teacher Model

Demonstration type, overall size 60 x 40 cm with table stand. To teach 24-hours time concept and format.

Vertex Wonder

This rods and ball set is designed to develop the concepts such as symmetry, Space, Shapes and construction that will help children to analyze the difference between Pyramid and prism in point ,line and side. Numerous different plane and solid geometric figures can be created from geometric figure can be created from connected vertex balls and linking rods. Set consist with 330 Pieces of vertex and rods

Volume Relationship Between Cone & Cylinder

To demonstrate volume relation between cone and cylinder of same base and same height .Manipulative measure 10 cm base 10cm height with transparent Lid. (Measure 10cm. Set of 2 Figure with Lid. Measure 10cm. Set of 2 figures with lid.

Volume Relationship Model

To teach volume relationship between 3D solids, this Set consists with 10 cm dimension 3D solids that allow to fill or any dry material to demonstrate volume relationship. This set consists of cone cylinder, Square prism and pyramid and a sphere equal to the inner dia meter of cylinder or square prism. Measure 10cm.Set of 5 Figures