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Viols and Dishes

Viols and Dishes:

Micro Test Plates

Micro test plates are made of optically clear, non-toxic Polystyrene. These plates with 96 U Bottom or flat bottom wells bear alpha-numeric index. Uniform placement of all the wells facilitate use of multi channel pipettes.
Particulars                             Packing
Flat Bottom                               72 Pcs
U Bottom                               72 Pcs

Petri Dish-Culture

This PS Petri Dish with fitting proves excellent for culture experiments. Made in polystryrene, this transparent Petri Dish provides excellent inside view.
Particulars                           Packing
Petri Dish                          12 Pcs

Petri Dish-Disposable

These transparent, ready to use, disposable Petri Dishes are made of optically clear, non-toxic, Polystyrene. These Petri Dishes packed individually in polyethylene bags are sterilized by radiation.

Particulars Packing
90 mm. Radiation Stz 460 Pcs
60 mm. Radiation Stz 300 Pcs
35 mm. Radiation Stz 500 Pcs

Petri Dishes-Polypropylene

These Polypropylene Petri Dishes are clear, unbreakable & autoclavable.
Particulars                   Packing
50 mm                  36 Pcs
75 mm                  36 Pcs
100 mm                  36 Pcs
125 mm                  12 Pcs
150 mm                  12 Pcs

RIA Vials

These polypropylene/polystyrene tubes are generally used in RIA, Coagulation & bacteriology. The polypropylene tubes are clear and can withstand 3000 RCF during centrifugation while the transparent polystyrene tubes can withstand 1400 RCF. The PP tubes can accept common acids, alkalies & solvents at room temperature while the PS tubes can accept mild bases, weak acids but not organic solvents.

Particulars Packing
12 X 75 mm/ PS 500 Pcs
12 X 75 mm/ PP 300 Pcs
Cap for 12 mm RIA Tube 100 Pcs

Scintillation Vials

These unbreakable vials, moulded in Polyethylene, are fitted with leakproof screw caps. These vials can be used with standard counting equipment for liquid scintillation system and are excellent for low activity count.
Particulars                   Packing
8 ml                  100 Pcs
20 ml                  100 Pcs

Soft Loop-Sterile

This non-toxic disposable loop is accurate to semi quantitative stand for handling samples.
Particulars                   Packing
Soft Loopes - 1 µl                  100 Pcs
Soft Loopes - 10 µl                  100 Pcs
Inoculation Needle                  100 Pcs

Staining Box

Moulded in Polypropylene, this staining box helps in staining, fixing, de-staining and handling fragile electrophoresis gels and membranes. Box as well as cover will resist temperatures from -70°C to +70° C. The LDPE plug provides leakproof seal and allows easy liquid drainage.
Particulars                   Packing
125 X 125 X 50 mm                  2 Pcs

Storage Vials with internal thread

Another addition to the range of storage vials is this vial which has internal thread in it. The cap fitted with an O-ring screws in to the vial and makes it a leakproof storage vial. .

Particulars Packing
2 ML 500 Pcs

Storage Vials with O ring

This vial has an O-ring in the cap that makes it absolutely leakproof. Like other storage vials this vial can also be used for storage purposes.

Particulars Packing
2 ML 500 Pcs

Storage Vials

As the name suggests, these vials are commonly used for storage of biological material, human & animal cells. The Cap is provided with a built in seal ring making the vial leakproof. The base of the vial has longitudinal grooves which give it a non-twisting character when placed in a vial rack.
Particulars                 Packing
1.0 ml                500 Pcs
2.0 ml                500 Pcs
5.0 ml                500 Pcs