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Blood Roller Mixer

Blood Roller Mixer :


For thorough mixing of blood samples and cell suspensions.
Keep the contents of closed tubes in gentle motion by rooking by rolling.
Compact and ergonomic design.
4 rolls of PVC rods for smooth operations.
Can accomodate various sizes of centrifuge and tubes.
It is shake-less and gentle mixing process that makes blood homogeneous.
It s essential pre-process for perfect result of RBC, WBC and Platelets counting on HEMATOLOGY ANALYZJER or CEll COUNTERS.
It is a highly reliable product suitabe for laboratories,blood banks,and biological institutions etc

Technical Data

Rolling Speed 30-33PM
Rocking Frequency 5 Cycles per minutes at 35 Degree angle
No. Of Rollers 4 or 6
Motor Ratings 455x265x120mm
Dimensions MS Coated
Exterior Body PVC, Each of 320mm
Rolling Rods Materials 5 Kg
Maximum Loads 220/230V, 50Htz
Supply No

Ordering Information:

Order Code Item Name
SO/BS Blood Sample Roller Mixer with 4 rollers
SO/BS-6 Blood Sample Roller Mixer with 4 rollers
SO/BS-CN Blood Sample Roller Mixer with RPM rollers