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Heating Mantle

Heating Mantle :

Used for uniform Heating / Boiling of glass flasks.
Auto cut off as the desired temperature is reached.
Suitable for heating flasks as per DIN 12347.
Provisions of Fuse and Buffers for Safe and Smooth Operation.
Available in capacities of 50 - 5000 ml.

Technical Data

Heating Temperature Range upto 350°
Heating Output 60-180PW
Exterior Body Aluminium Alloy
Spare Mantle Glass Fibre Yarn
Heating Elements Kanthal Wire
Temperature Control Energy Regulator
Voltage Supply 220-230 Volt, 110V
Frequency 50Hz

Ordering Information:

Order Code Item Name Wattage
SO/HM-50 Heating Mantle 50 ml. 60
SO/HM-100 Heating Mantle 100 ml. 60
SO/HM-250 Heating Mantle 25 ml. 150
SO/HM-500 Heating Mantle 500 ml. 200
SO/HM-1000 Heating Mantle 1000 ml. 300
SO/HM-2000 Heating Mantle 2000 ml. 450
SO/HM-3000 Heating Mantle 3000 ml. 450
SO/HM-5000 Heating Mantle 5000 ml. 600
SO/HM-10000 Heating Mantle 10000 ml. 1200
SO/HM-20000 Heating Mantle 20000 ml. 1800
SO/HM-50000 Heating Mantle 50000 ml. 3600