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Blood Bank Refrigrator

Blood Bank Refrigrator :

Bood Bank Refrigerator are designed to store materials under low and constant temperature condition or hospital, blood bank, research institute, univesity, Biotechnology & pharmaceutical industry, gene engineering, food & Beverages industry,Blood Banks etc. It is aIso used in the field of agricultural researdh.

Blood Bank Refrigerate are designed specifically to meet the demanding temperature requirements which not only means low but also, stable temperature for safe medicines and vaccine storage.Their requirement also involves dust free environmennt.


  • Interior of chamber is stainless steel (SS-304).
  • The exterior is powder coated mild steel,and the door has a magnetic door gasket with a keyed door lock.
  • Stainless St1eel trays are povided for storage inside.
  • Foamed-in-place CFC Free PUF insulation ensure temperature stability and reduced energy temperature.
  • Micro-controlller contros the internal temperature between ¬∑4oC to 6oC with an accuracy of +O.5oC, for storing blood bottles ,or blood bags.
  • Built in 7 days circular chart temperature recorder (option).
  • Working area is illuminated by fluroescent lighting fitted to the unit.
  • Audio visual alarm when the temperature deviates from the preset temperature.
  • Temperature is maintained within 4oC to 6oC,for storing blood bottles or bood bags
  • The oooling is affected by a hermetical seailed CFC FREE ECO FR ENDLY COMPRES¬≠ SOR.
  • To work on 220/2JO volts A.C.

Technical Data

Model No. #BBR-1.5 #BBR-3 #BBR-6 #BBR-8 #BBR-10 #BBR-15
Capacity 40 Ltr 85 Ltr 170 Ltr 224 Ltr 280 Ltr 420 Ltr
Blood Bag Accomodation 24 Blood Bags 50 Blood Bags 110 Blood Bags 200 Blood Bags 250 Blood Bags 360 Blood Bags
Temperature Range 4 Degree Celcius to 6 Degree Celcius
Accuracy + 0.5 Degree Celcius
Temperature Control Digital temperature indicator-cum-controller
Display LED Display for set value(SV) AND Process value (PV)
Chart Recorder Option Built in 7 days circular chart recorder

Optional Features:

RS 232 Communication Port with US FDA 21 CFR-11 Compliance windows Based communiation software for data managemnet and logging.
Stand bby ready to use refrigration system in case regular system fails, with autochanger switch
Battery Backup in case power fails, for digital temperature display only
See through multi paned vaccummed glass door instead of solid doors as per requirement